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Error Handling

While the idea of this Nuxt module is to mask your real API (and credentials) by creating a server proxy, nuxt-api-party will minimize the hassle of handling errors by passing through the following properties to the response on the client:

  • Response body
  • HTTP status code
  • HTTP status message
  • Headers

Thus, if your API fails to deliver, you can still handle the error response in your Nuxt app just like you would with a direct API call.

Both generated composables per endpoint will throw a NuxtError if your API fails to deliver.

Logging the available error properties will provide you insights on what went wrong:

console.log(error.statusCode) // `404`
console.log(error.statusMessage) // `Not Found`
console.log( // Whatever your API returned

See all available examples below.

NuxtError Type Declaration

export interface NuxtError<DataT = unknown> extends H3Error<DataT> {}

// See
declare class H3Error<DataT = unknown> extends Error {
  static __h3_error__: boolean
  statusCode: number
  fatal: boolean
  unhandled: boolean
  statusMessage?: string
  data?: DataT
  cause?: unknown
  constructor(message: string, opts?: {
    cause?: unknown
  toJSON(): Pick<H3Error<DataT>, 'data' | 'statusCode' | 'statusMessage' | 'message'>



The examples below assume that you have set up an API endpoint called jsonPlaceholder:

// `nuxt.config.ts`
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ['nuxt-api-party'],

  apiParty: {
    endpoints: {
      jsonPlaceholder: {
        url: ''

Usage with useJsonPlaceholderData

When using the useMyApiData composable, the error is already typed as a NuxtError.

const { data, error } = await useJsonPlaceholderData('not/available')

watchEffect(() => {
  if (error.value)

Usage with $jsonPlaceholder

import type { NuxtError } from '#app'

function onSubmit() {
  try {
    const response = await $jsonPlaceholder('not/available', {
      method: 'POST',
      body: form.value
  catch (error) {
    console.error((error as NuxtError).data)

Released under the MIT License.